Role and Functions of the Electricity Board in Bihar

Role and Functions of the Electricity: The Electricity Board plays a crucial role in the power sector of Bihar, ensuring the efficient generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity. In this article, we will explore the role and functions of the Electricity Board in Bihar, highlighting its responsibilities in providing reliable and affordable electricity to the residents of the state.

Role and Functions of the Electricity

Electricity is a fundamental element of contemporary living, crucial for the U.S. economy. It powers lighting, heating, cooling, refrigeration, appliances, computers, electronics, machinery, and public transportation, enhancing daily life and driving economic activities.

Electricity Generation

Discuss the role of the Electricity Board in electricity generation in Bihar. Explain how the Board oversees the operation and maintenance of power plants, both thermal and renewable energy sources. Highlight its responsibilities in ensuring sufficient power generation to meet the growing energy demand of the state.

Transmission Network Management

Explain the function of the Electricity Board in managing the transmission network in Bihar. Discuss how the Board maintains and operates the high-voltage transmission lines, substations, and related infrastructure. Emphasize its role in facilitating the seamless transfer of electricity from generation centres to distribution networks.

Distribution Network Operation

Highlight the responsibilities of the Electricity Board in operating the distribution network in Bihar. Discuss how the Board manages the distribution infrastructure, including substations, transformers, and distribution lines. Explain its role in ensuring the efficient and reliable delivery of electricity to end consumers across the state.

Electricity Billing and Revenue Collection

Discuss the function of the Electricity Board in electricity billing and revenue collection. Explain how the Board is responsible for metering, billing, and collection of electricity charges from consumers. Highlight its role in ensuring accurate billing, timely payment processing, and revenue management for the sustainability of the power sector.

Consumer Services and Grievance Redressal

Explain how the Electricity Board in Bihar provides consumer services and handles grievance redressal. Discuss its role in addressing consumer complaints, resolving billing disputes, and ensuring a satisfactory consumer experience. Highlight the initiatives taken by the Board to improve customer support and enhance consumer satisfaction.

Energy Conservation and Demand Management

Highlight the function of the Electricity Board in promoting energy conservation and demand management. Discuss its role in creating awareness about energy-efficient practices, implementing demand-side management programs, and encouraging renewable energy adoption. Emphasize its efforts in promoting sustainable and responsible energy consumption in Bihar.

Policy Formulation and Regulatory Compliance

Discuss the role of the Electricity Board in policy formulation and regulatory compliance. Explain how the Board collaborates with government agencies, industry stakeholders, and regulatory bodies to develop policies and guidelines for the power sector. Highlight its responsibility in ensuring compliance with electricity regulations and standards.

Infrastructure Development and Expansion

Explain how the Electricity Board contributes to infrastructure development and expansion in Bihar. Discuss its role in planning and executing projects for the construction of new power plants, transmission lines, and distribution networks. Highlight its efforts in expanding electricity access and improving the reliability of the power infrastructure.


The Electricity Board in Bihar plays a multifaceted role in the power sector, encompassing generation, transmission, distribution, consumer services, and regulatory compliance. Its functions are crucial in ensuring reliable, affordable, and sustainable electricity supply to the residents of Bihar. Through its efforts in infrastructure development, policy formulation, and consumer-centric services, the Electricity Board contributes to the overall growth and development of the state’s power sector.


What are the three basic functions of electricity?

The three basic functions of electricity are generation, transmission, and utilization.

What is the function of electricity in our life?

Electricity is a fundamental necessity that powers our modern world and enhances our daily lives.

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