Government Initiatives for Electricity Development in Bihar

Electricity Development in Bihar: The state of Bihar has witnessed significant progress in the development of its electricity sector, thanks to various government initiatives. In this article, we will explore the key government schemes and programs aimed at promoting electricity infrastructure, access, and overall development in Bihar.

As of April 2020, Bihar had an installed electricity generation capacity of 6,384.88 MW, and ongoing projects are expected to increase it to over 12,000 MW.

Electricity Development in Bihar

Saubhagya Yojana

Discuss the Saubhagya Yojana, a flagship program launched by the Government of India, which aims to provide electricity connections to every household in the country, including Bihar. Explain how the scheme has played a crucial role in increasing electricity access and reducing the electricity deficit in rural and urban areas of Bihar.

Har Ghar Bijli Yojana

Highlight the Har Ghar Bijli Yojana, a state-specific scheme initiated by the Government of Bihar. Explain how this program aims to provide free electricity connections to households below the poverty line. Discuss the impact of the scheme in improving the living conditions of underprivileged families and promoting social welfare.

Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS)

Explain the significance of the Integrated Power Development Scheme in Bihar’s electricity development. Discuss how this centrally sponsored scheme focuses on strengthening the electricity distribution infrastructure, including metering, substation automation, and system strengthening. Highlight the impact of IPDS in improving the quality and reliability of power supply in urban areas.

Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana (DDUGJY)

Discuss the DDUGJY scheme and its role in rural electrification in Bihar. Explain how the program focuses on providing electricity infrastructure, including feeder separation, system strengthening, and last-mile connectivity in rural areas. Highlight the efforts made to electrify villages and promote agricultural productivity through reliable power supply.

Renewable Energy Initiatives

Highlight the government’s focus on promoting renewable energy sources in Bihar. Discuss the various initiatives and incentives provided to encourage the adoption of solar power, wind energy, and small-scale hydroelectric projects. Emphasize the role of renewable energy in reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable development in the state.

Energy Efficiency Programs

Explain the government’s efforts to promote energy efficiency and conservation in Bihar. Discuss the implementation of energy-efficient lighting systems, appliances, and awareness campaigns to reduce electricity consumption. Highlight the importance of energy conservation in ensuring long-term sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)

Discuss the role of public-private partnerships in Bihar’s electricity sector development. Highlight successful collaborations between the government and private entities in areas such as power generation, distribution, and infrastructure development. Explain how these partnerships have contributed to improved service delivery and increased investment in the sector.

Future Plans and Vision

Highlight the government’s vision and future plans for electricity development in Bihar. Discuss upcoming projects, initiatives, and policy measures aimed at meeting the growing demand for electricity, ensuring reliable power supply, and promoting sustainable energy practices. Emphasize the government’s commitment to transforming Bihar into a power-surplus state.


The government of Bihar has taken significant steps towards electricity development through various schemes, programs, and partnerships. These initiatives have resulted in increased electricity access, improved infrastructure, and enhanced living standards for the people of Bihar. With a focus on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and inclusive development, Bihar is on a path to becoming a power-sufficient state and ensuring a brighter future for its residents.

 How does Bihar get electricity?

Bihar gets electricity through a combination of sources, including thermal power plants, hydroelectric power projects, renewable energy sources like solar power, and power imports from other states.

What is the energy policy of Bihar?

Bihar’s energy policy promotes renewable energy, energy efficiency, and reliable power supply while reducing dependence on fossil fuels. It emphasizes the use of solar, biomass, and hydropower, along with infrastructure development and energy conservation measures.

Who provides electricity in Bihar?

Bihar State Power Holding Company Limited (or BSPHCL) is responsible for providing electricity in Bihar.

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